Higher Performance 100% NVMe Block Storage Is Here

February 24, 2021

Higher Performance 100% NVMe Block Storage Is Here

We’re pleased to introduce the Beta of our second generation Block Storage service, built entirely with lightning-fast, enterprise-class NVMe SSDs. Block Storage v2 services are launched in our Los Angeles region, and will soon be deployed in more locations around the world.

Vultr Block Storage volumes

attach additional data storage to your VM, just like adding drives to a desktop or server computer. These volumes appear to the VM as a storage drive and can be used for anything you would use a physical SSD or HDD for, including filesystems, databases, logs, and backups.

Enterprise-Class Block Storage

Vultr’s second generation Block Storage service is built entirely with high-performance, enterprise-class NVMe SSDs that provide outstanding throughput, IOPS, and latency. We maintain multiple replicas of data for high availability and data protection.

Key features to Vultr Block Storage v2 include:

  • Improved Performance- Significantly higher throughput, IOPS, and latency.
  • Greater Scalability- More flexible than your VM's boot volume. As your needs grow, so can Vultr Block Storage: volumes may be resized up to 10 TB, and you may attach multiple volumes to each VM.
  • Persistent- Not dependent on any specific VM. When you destroy a VM, any mounted Block Storage volumes are detached and are unaffected.
  • Adjustable- Block Storage volumes may be detached and reattached to a different VM in the same region without losing data -- or kept in reserve or as a backup.
  • Durable & Available- Block Storage maintains replicas of your data, eliminating single points of failure.

Diverse Power & Network Infrastructure

We do the heavy lifting so that you don’t have to. By carefully spreading replicas across drives, servers, and datacenter racks, we eliminate single points of failure with diverse power and network infrastructure. We also carefully provision extra resources so that we can not only provide an excellent steady-state service, but also handle rare network or component issues with minimal or no customer impact.

Proactive Monitoring

Every ten seconds we collect hundreds of metrics from every cluster, node, and storage drive. We visualize this data through powerful dashboards and alerting so that we can quickly solve problems when they occur -- and forestall emergent issues before they become problems.

Vultr Backups

Please note that while we go to great lengths to ensure that we keep your data safe and sound, redundancy and availability aren’t the same as backups. Our Block Storage service’s strong consistency does not protect your VMs themselves, nor does it provide recovery from accidental deletions or changes on your side. See the below articles for information on Vultr Backups:


Ready to Learn More?

For more information and to get started with Block Storage v2, visithttps://www.vultr.com/products/block-storage/.

If you have questions or feedback, we'd love to hear from you.Contact us, click around theVultr GitHub, or tweet@Vultr.

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